Graffiti Intervention


Approved 8 hour Graffiti Intervention credit, for child welfare services, family court, probation, parole, judicial services with Certificate of Completion.


Approved 8 Hour Online Graffiti Intervention Class

This online Graffiti Intervention Class meets the Class criteria requirements of a 8 hour class for child welfare services, family court, probation, parole, almost all other judicial services with a Certificate of Completion provided upon successful completion of course.

You will be able to utilize and complete this course with a computer, laptop, notebook, tablet or even with a smartphone device. Our courses have even been tested to work through city and county library and/or public computers.

This class discusses the definition of graffiti, its’ origins, and its’ evolution.  The purpose(s) of graffiti will be explored and different views of the purposes will be discussed.

In addition, different styles of graffiti, different kind of producers of graffiti and the pros and cons of graffiti will be presented.  We will also look at the costs of graffiti and the impact graffiti has/has had on society.

This class is for Individuals who have been convicted of graffiti violations,  as well as for schools or organizations to use as a tool for preventing  and/or discouraging graffiti issues.

You will have 45 days of access to the course for completion and upon successful completion of course you will receive a Certificate of Completion. In addition you will have full permanent access to your personal account to review your course materials, certificate, and more.


7 Lessons

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