Anti-Theft Class


The Anti-Theft Class is for Individuals who have been convicted of Theft related crime and must complete an Anti-Theft Class as part of their sentencing.

This Anti-Theft Class meets the Anti-Theft Class criteria requirements of a 8 hour class.

In addition, our 8 hour Anti-Theft class meets the requirements of California Penal Code 484 and 488.

8 Lessons


On-line Anti-Theft Class Court Approved 8 Hour Mandatory Training

This on-line anti-theft class meets the approved 8 hour course criteria requirements for child welfare services, family court, probation, parole, and most all other judicial services with a Certificate of Completion provided upon successful completion of course.

Who is the class for: Individuals who have been mandated by court order or other institution to take a class that deals with theft and/or shoplifting.  This can mean taking materials such as lunch, reports, etc from an employment setting to taking from a retail setting.  All of these can be seen as theft.

This course is designed to explain theft and shoplifting; not only what typically legally constitutes theft and shoplifting, but what are some possible causes, and some unique ways for the prevention of this type of behavior.

Understanding our motives and being aware of triggers that may lead to this unhealthy behavior.

This anti-theft course also focuses on ways to prevent oneself from partaking in these types of behaviors and keeping out of trouble.

You will have 45 days of access to this course for completion and upon successful completion of this course you will receive a Certificate of Completion. In addition you will have full permanent access to your personal account which you can utilize to review your course materials, tests, certificates, and more.

Course Credit =  8 Hours

What you get upon course completion: Certificate of completion

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