12 Hour High Conflict Parenting Class • On-line Approved 8hours

This on-line High Conflict Parenting Class meets the approved 12 hour course criteria requirements for child welfare services, family court, probation, parole, almost all other judicial services with a Certificate of Completion provided upon successful completion of course.

Who is the class for: Individuals who have been told to complete a high conflict parenting class-by child welfare services, family court, probation, parole or other judicial service.

You will have 45 days of access to this course for completion. And upon successful completion of this treatment program you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

In addition you will have full permanent access to your personal account, course exercises, quizzes, grades, and certificates, which you can utilize to review your course materials, tests, certificates, and more.

Course Synopsis

This High Conflict Parenting has been designed for couples who are having difficulty in sharing their children.  Children are the last battle ground in a relationship.  Often, when relationships come apart, couples find it difficult to deal with each other regarding children.  All too often, the children are placed in the middle of the disagreeing parents and become the ones who suffer.  The long-lasting effects on the children are traumatic and monumental.

The goal of this class is to help parents recognize what is happening and to institute remedies for change.  No one wants to hurt their children or to see their child(ren) hurting.  Becoming aware of what can hurt our children helps us make the necessary changes in our behavior.

While the relationship between the parents may not have lasted, both members of that relationship are forever parents to the child(ren) of that relationship.  Both members are responsible for nurturing, protecting, and guiding the children to maturity.  And they will need to work together-in terms of stability and consistency for the child.  They don’t need to like each other; however, they MUST RESPECT THAT EACH IS A PARENT OF THEIR CHILD.  Sometimes, in separating couples, this takes time, energy, and emotional commitment-that is ok-just keep working on it.



This approved on-line Class, meets and/or exceeds the course criteria requirements and qualifications for child welfare services, family court, probation, parole, and most other judicial services, and court ordered and/or otherwise mandatory class, course and/or treatment programs.


  • 24/7 access to your own personal account. 
  • Course progress managment and review
  • 24/7 access to your own personal training course


You have complete access to this course/program via the internet and any connection device. 

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • IPad 
  • Computer
  • Even Library Computers
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Course Information

Estimated Time: 12 Hours

High Conflict Parenting 12 Hour

45 days of access

High Conflict Parenting Class approved for child welfare services, family court, probation, parole, and judicial services, Certificate upon completion.

High Conflict Parenting

The Children

Conflicts and conflict resolution

Being a GOOOOOD Parent

Healthy Co-Parenting

Understanding and dealing with Important issues

Transitions-Co-parenting tips for divorced parents: 

Introducing and making room for New Partners

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