We are Passionate About Providing an Affordable Mandatory Class Solution for Everyone

We are the first to provide a “TOTALLY ONLINE, FULLY FUNCTIONAL” Learning Experience that can be entirely utilized with just a SMARTPHONE.

Individual Online Learning

Our classes are entirely self paced, allowing you to work at the time and/or pace that best fits your needs

Our individual online learning center provides you with your own personal account where your individual course information and progress are saved.

You can access your account/class from any device; desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Check your progress, continue your lessons, take a quiz at any time 24/7.

Online Course Lessons

All of our courses and lessons employ current media technologies extensively

Every course utilizes as many media components as possible to advance and accommodate each individuals learning processes.

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Links to other websites
  • Internal Links

As technologies and our media library expand we incorporate and update our courses and lessons to expedite and advance your learning progress.


Mobile Capability

We have created a fully mobile capable court ordered training classes available.

In all of our courses; though you can utilize just about any computer device you want to take a class and complete it. Every course can be taken and fully completed utilizing only a mobile device.

This functionality allows you to work on your requirements from just about anywhere and at anytime. 

Successful Completion is our Goal

With all of our courses; Your Successful Completion of any class and/or lesson in an expedited fashion is our Goal. 


  • Trick Questions
  • Misleading Information

Our Classes and lessons are designed to meet the appropriate court or judicial systems requirements in the most efficient and expedited way.

Court Approved

Counties that have approved and/or utilized our classes

All of our classes have been approved and/or utilized in these counties currently. We are working diligently for approval for many other jurisdictions and principalities as well as state wide approval.

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2725 Congress St. Suite 2c
San Diego, Ca. 92110

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Course Development Credentials and Affiliations

All of our courses are developed by fully credentialed and certified specialist

Free Courses

These are free training courses designed to demonstrate and walk you through a typical training course, lessons, and final results so you can see how the whole process works.

Premium Courses

Check out our course list and find the course or courses you need. Again, all of these courses are fully smartphone capable; allowing you the most freedom and accessibility that meets your personal learning needs.

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