Welcome to Affordable Mandatory Classes.  Our goal is to provide you with interesting and valuable information that will enable you to move forward in your life. We are based in San Diego, Ca.  Michele Koonin, LCSW, MBA is the Director of Institute for Counseling and Jaron Haynes, LMFT is the Director of JH Therapeutic.  Both are certified providers of Domestic Violence perpetrator treatment, Child Abuse perpetrator treatment, Elder Abuse Perpetrator treatment, Interpersonal Violence Perpetrator Treatment, Animal Abuse Perpetrator treatment, and Interpersonal Stalking treatment.  Our resumes are available upon request. Our site has been developed to provide up to date information in a format that provides opportunities for self-awareness and growth. We are HIPPA compliant.  That ensures that your records are safe and secure just as in any medical setting. We have designed our programs to be compliant with California Penal Codes.  California is one of the most stringent states and it is very likely that if you are from another state that your state will be comfortable with the rules that California has developed. Please make sure that you have written court/probation/parole permission to take a class on-line.  There are some entities that do not accept on-line programs. We welcome questions, feedback and suggestions at any time.  Just e-mail or call us and we will get back to you within two business days.

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